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The human body is a complex system – adding prescription and non-prescription drugs to our bodies has an intended impact and sometimes can have an unintended impact.  The chance of this grows with the addition of vitamins, supplements and herbal supplements.

LalliCare Pharmacy offers a fee-based Medication Review service during which we discuss your current medications and the pharmacist makes recommendations.


  • 1: Better management of health conditions such as:  diabetes, asthma, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease, depression;
  • 2: Fewer health problems caused by interactions with other prescription medications, over the counter medications, herbal supplements, or as a result of taking too many medications;
  • 3: A better understanding of how to take your medications; and Potentially, lowered overall prescription costs if some duplicate medications are found.

If you are covered by the British Columbia MSP program and are taking five or more prescription medications, you may be eligible for the Medication Review service fee to be covered through MSP.

To arrange a Medication Review appointment, stop by or call our 1139 Yates Street location at (250) 386-5100 today.

Give us a call at Yates Street (250) 386-5100 we’ll set you up on our prescription route.

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