The first person you’ll meet when you walk into a LalliCare Pharmacy is a pharmacist. We believe in taking the mystery out of medications and the best way to do this is for you and your pharmacist to be able to sit down and talk about your prescription and health care needs.


When you come in to have a prescription filled, your pharmacist will confirm the following:

  • The information provided by your doctor, dentist, or other health-care provider is complete,
  • The medication, strength, and dosage instructions are appropriate for your health condition,
  • The new prescription is okay to take with other medications you may be taking,
  • There are no potential problems such as duplicate therapy or drug interactions,
  • You are not allergic to the medication, and
  • Your medications are working for you and you are not experiencing any problems.

While the prescription is being filled, your LalliCare pharmacist will discuss this with you and anything else you would like to know:

  • Who the medication is for,
  • What the medication is for,
  • The directions for proper use,
  • Common side effects or interactions, what to expect and how to treat, if needed,
  • How soon to expect the medication to work,
  • What to do if you miss a dose,
  • How to store your medication, and
  • Review your prescription refill information.

After you’ve filled your prescription, we encourage you to stop by if you have any questions or concerns. Our pharmacists are also on the front line to greet you when you come in for a prescription refill to see how you are doing and update your confidential medication profile.


LalliCare pharmacists are pleased to share their knowledge about medications and health care with people who aren’t our client too – free of charge. Stop by our 1139 Yates Street pharmacy.


We’re also pleased to attend your community or service club meetings to talk about “Your Pharmacist and You,” prevention and disease management. Please call us at (250) 386-5100 for more information.

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