Print the chart and use it to record the date, severity and duration of each headache, together with the medicat

instructions of use for both the calendar and chart in this section which can help you to both identify triggers for your migraines and manage them successfully   Date/time/severity of headache   A space is provided for each day o

There is increasing evidence that a center deep in the core of the brain causes production of migraine symptoms.

Like diabetes, high blood pressure and arthritis, migraine is a chronic disorder that, as of yet, cannot be cured, but can be managed to reduce its impact on your quality of life.

Migraines are usually severe and cost Canadians both millions of dollars in lost production and of course valuable and enjoyable time with friends and family.

New and effective medications for migraine

Why is this medication prescribed?

You can do certain things that do not involve medications. Others involve techniques employed by trained practitioners. Many different kinds of "nonpharmacological techniques" are available, including behavioral and physical treatments.

A comparison chart of over the counter analgesics (painkillers)


New and effective medications for migraine   Brand name(s): Maxalt; Maxalt-MLT

Why is this medication prescribed?

New and effective medication for migraine

Why is this medication prescribed?


Print the calendar and use it to record the date and severity of each

This article discusses the severity of migraine headaches and the new treatments available and thier effectiveness.

(SLPM Self-care) Migraine headaches invade their victims slowly, leaving a path of pain and misery in their wake.

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