It's not how much or how often you drink or take drugs that determines if you are addicted. It's a set of criteria that can be described as: consequences, loss of control and compulsion.

A question that sometimes some parents would rather not even confront. However, a walk through the "red zone" here in Victoria will show you the results of such "ignorance".

There isn't much use researching what the largest deterrent to your kid's using drugs is. Study after study and plain common sense tells us that it's you. Just like the ad says "Parents: the Anti-Drug".

Illicit opiate use is one of the most debilitating addictions. Intense dependence occurs which means that users suffer from an intolerable withdrawal sickness when they haven't had their "fix" in 24-36 hours.

Substance abuse wreaks havoc in your body in many ways. Directly it can make the absorption of nutrients much more difficult for your body, while indirectly substance abusers may neglect to consume nutrients in sufficient levels.

Information about this potentially addictive substance that has been both a source of healing and harm for thousands of years.

You need support and information if you are confronting any addiction or substance misuse problems in your family. The following organisations can supply both.

Do we have the civic leadership in place to properly address the addiction problem in Victoria? Sitting council members who support the plan we have are gone or going, while a new slate of candidates is gearing up for a fall election.

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