Hair grafting has become much more natural looking over the past few years, and as a result has gained popularity as the only, "sure thing", hair loss treatment. Other treatments must be carefully considered with your doctor as they can have serious side effects

Hair Transplants
Small donor strips of hair-bearing scalp are removed from the back and sides of the head are divided into grafts for placement in the balding areas. The hair-bearing grafts are carefully inserted into small holes or slits that are made in the balding scalp. These holes or slits are sometimes made with a laser. The grafts can also be inserted between existing hairs to increase the density and thicken the area.

For many years the basic size of the grafts were between 4 and 5 mm. Over the last few years smaller and finer grafts, such as micrografts and mini-grafts, have been successfully used.

Initially the donor hair falls out in a few weeks, but regrows about three months later. It continues to grow for as long as the hair would have in the site from which it was removed.

Scalp Reduction
The areas of bald scalp are reduced by surgical excision, then pulling upward and lifting the hair-bearing skin together. Decreasing the size of the bald patch, this option offers a special benefit to patients with extensive balding.

Scalp extenders or tissue expanders are sometimes used to increase the effectiveness of scalp reduction surgery.

Skin Lifts and Flaps
A "flap" of hair-bearing skin is created by making surgical cuts near the balding area. The flap is then rotated onto the balding section.

This anti-balding drug is applied directly to the scalp. Used in conjunction with surgical treatment, minoxidil can be effective in retaining hair to provide a fuller, more natural look. Minoxidil is not a cure for baldness, but it has been shown to retard recent hair loss and to stimulate new hair growth, particularly in the crown of the scalp in certain, usually younger men.

This drug given orally has been shown under continued usage to help preserve existing hair. It may be combined with minoxidil and other surgical techniques for excellent results.

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