Sukhi graduated from The University of British Columbia Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences in 1975. His first career position was as the Director of Pharmacy at the Priory Hospital in Victoria, B.C.

Throughout his career, Sukhi has been involved in many committees and projects to help shape pharmacy practice. He has been a councillor with the College of Pharmacists of B.C. and was a continuing education coordinator for Victoria from 1980 – 2007. He was also a clinical instructor for the UBC Pharmacy for 15 years.

In 1996, Sukhi opened his own independent pharmacy practice, Sukhi Lalli Pharmacist, which focuses on personalized patient care.In 2000, Sukhi was awarded the Pharmacy Practice “My Favourite Pharmacist” award, and is recognized in the field of pharmacy for innovations in community practice.Sukhi’s unique approach to client care has earned him a reputation of compassion, knowledge and problem solving. The respect he has gained from customers, physicians, and fellow pharmacists has been the result of years of dedication to overall client wellness.

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