Use this form to evaluate this and any other health related website.

Since the mid-1990s, consumers have referred to the World Wide Web (the Web) to learn how they can improve their health, prevent disease, and learn details about specific diseases. While efforts are being made to monitor information found on the Web, they are not enough to cover every web site with health information. As a result, this evaluation instrument is for health educators and clinicians to use to evaluate the appropriateness of web sites for their clientele for further health education. Please take a few minutes to browse the site you would like to evaluate before completing the evaluation form.

You may print this Evaluation Instrument from your web browser for your own personal use.

I. Web site information

Title of site:

Subject of site:

Web site address:

Whom do you think is the intended audience?

What do you think the objective is for this site?

Circle the number that you feel best represents the site: 1 = disagree, 2 = agree, 0 = not applicable (N/A). Add up the total points scored for each page at the bottom of each page.

To calculate the web site's score, the total points scored must be added up as well as total points possible. Total points possible is defined as the number of questions answered as either agree or disagree multiplied by two. The total score must then be divided by the total number of points possible to determine the overall rating of the web site.

Total score/Total number of possible points = percentage of total points

For example, if 30 out of 36 questions were answered with either disagree or agree, then the total number of points possible is 60 (30 multiplied by 2). If the total points scored was 54, then divide 54 by 60 (the total points possible). The overall rating of the web site is 90%, which falls into the excellent range.
Total score: 54
Total number of possible points: 30 x 2 = 60
Percentage of total points: 54/60 = 90%
Rating of web site: Excellent


Score Rating
At least 90% of total possible points. Excellent: This web site is an excellent source of health information. Consumers will be able to easily access and understand the information contained in this site. Do not hesitate to recommend this site to your clientele.

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