Many people suffer from urinary tract infections which may even include inflammation of the bladder

Women are affected about 30 times more often than men. This is primarily due to the shorter urethra in women, making it easier for pathogens to ‘ascend’ into the urinary tract. A typical sign of these infections is persistent urgency, often associated with pain on passing water. Some affected people develop severe inflammation, manifesting as chills, fever, severe pain and being sick (vomiting).

Even mild symptoms require a medical evaluation because antibiotics may need to be taken. However, if no bacterial pathogens are detectable and you still suffer from frequently recurring urinary tract infections or irritable bladder, you may benefit from proven naturopathic supportive treatments which you may use after consulting your doctor or non-medical practitioner.

PASCOSABAL™ is a homeopathic remedy to relieve urinary urgency, frequent and painful urination.


  • Drink plenty of fluids, especially water and herbal tea (e.g. bladder tea), because fluid can flush out pathogens
  • Always ensure you are warm:
    • Take hot 10-minute showers of the lower abdomen/pelvis several times a day if possible, going from the top down, also in the region of the lumbar spine
    • Wear appropriate clothing to keep you warm in any weather – as a rule: be too warm rather than too cold
    • Always ensure your feet are warm and blood flow is good: ascending foot baths, contrast baths for your feet, sauna, treading water
  • Avoid foods that contain a lot of sugar or salt or are heavily spiced
  • Learn and use relaxation techniques: frequently recurring urinary tract infections are often associated with mental stress
  • Ensure good personal hygiene:
    • When washing the genital area, always go from front to back
    • Avoid fragrances in body care products for the genital area
    • Try to urinate within 15 minutes after intercourse
    • Avoid humid heat in the genital area by wearing breathable underwear

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