Pressure to perform
Excessive demands at school or on the job, sensory overload, ‘leisure’ time that’s packed with stressful activities and conflicts are a recipe for burnout. Unrelenting stress with no relaxation in between may lead to nervous exhaustion before long.

Many people are very sensitive to too much stress, and their reactions may include aggression, tense muscles, difficulty concentrating and anxiety, along with stomachache and indigestion. Permanent nervousness, inner tension and irritability and their effects on physical health substantially reduce quality of life.

Herbal medicinal products can quickly boost your mental well-being. Passionflower is particularly useful for coping with such symptoms. The extract has a calming and relaxing effect. This makes it a strong companion to lean on in stressful times. For more information go to

PASCOFLAIR®contains the Power of passionflower in concentrated form.


  • Unclutter your busy schedule
  • Make room for time to relax and your social life
  • Remove computer and TV screens from your bedroom
  • Cut down on TV and computer time
  • Get enough sleep
  • Find out what is good for you and be good to yourself
  • Don’t be too hard on yourself – nobody is perfect
  • Make a point of getting rest and relaxation
  • Listen to your body
  • Treat yourself to a time-out every now and then
  • Consider taking a walk in the woods
  • Learn a relaxation technique
  • More helpful health hints

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