Rhinitis, or the common cold, is a viral infection. Transmission of the pathogens is via the air we breathe, usually by droplet infection. Whether or not we come down with a cold depends mainly on the performance of our immune system at that time.


Acute sinusitis (inflammation of the paranasal cavities) typically develops from a cold or sore throat. Bacteria or viruses may find their way into the sinuses. If they do, they will usually cause inflammation of the sinuses in the region of the upper jaw, nose and/or forehead. The swollen mucous membranes impede the necessary flow of secretions, causing pressure, pain or tenderness in these regions. Nasal breathing is impaired as well. Patients often also experience headache, especially when lowering the head.

Use SINUPAS™ to relieve sinusitis symptoms and activate the self healing powers of your body.


  • Temporarily increase humidity in your bedroom
  • Let in plenty of fresh air in the morning (vapour bath)
  • Try a nasal rinse, douche or wash with saline (available in pharmacies and health food shops)
  • Only use decongestant nose drops or nasal spray if absolutely necessary and then only for a brief period of time.

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