If you suffer from recurrent headaches that are barely tolerable, unilateral (affecting one side) and dull to pulsating, you might even be suffering from migraine attacks.
About 12% of adults suffer from migraine. Abdominal pain, feeling and being sick often accompany these attacks of headache. Long-term treatment should be considered in order to reduce the frequency and duration of headache attacks.

Homeopathic combination products are not only targeted at providing rapid pain relief, but they help harmonize the body.

Therefore, they are best used for a 2- to 3-month period as a regulating treatment aimed at returning the body to a state where there is a lower tendency for frequent headache attacks. In acute headache, it has proved useful to take small doses at short intervals.

Please discuss this with your healthcare practitioner.
The homeopathic combination product offered by PASCOE is MIGRENOPAS®.


  • Place a cold compress on your forehead
  • Rub your forehead and temples with peppermint oil
  • Allow yourself some rest and relaxation
  • Get plenty of exercise – in fresh air whenever possible
  • Get enough sleep
  • Get a massage to loosen up that tense neck
  • Alternate hot (long) and cold (short) foot baths
  • Consider possible food intolerances
  • Always ensure an adequate intake of magnesium
  • At an early stage, a cup of strong coffee with lemon or vitamin C and magnesium might help avert an attack

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