Premature cell aging is facilitated by aggressive oxygen free radicals produced by natural processes in the body. Alcohol and nicotine, as well as environmental factors, especially UV radiation and smog, add to the body’s oxygen free radical load.

Aging may also be associated with health problems affecting primarily the cardiovascular system and memory. However, even at an advanced age we want to be mentally and physically fit to be able to make the most of our lives as long as possible. An adequate supply of vital nutrients that protect our cells from inside against premature ageing may help this wish come true.

Natural free radical scavengers known as ANTIOXIDANTS can scavenge and remove aggressive radicals in the body before they can injure the cells of our body. This helps protect the cells from premature ageing.

A busy life-style often makes it difficult to ensure an adequate intake of fresh fruit and vegetables. Therefore, people eating an unbalanced or unvaried diet may need to take dietary supplements to ensure an adequate supply of ANTIOXIDANTS. Taken regularly, ARONIA-PASCOE® from aronia berries can help protect cells from premature ageing and thus enhance your sense of well-being. Aronia berries are one of the highest sources of natural antioxidants called anthocyanins

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