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Lallicare health Team is a strong advocate of self care. You may have a better quality of life and less illness by doing some simple things for yourself and there are many ways you can change your habits, diet and indulgences that can have a positive effect on your heath.
Getting a personal assessment from a LalliCare pharmacist ( Sukhi Lalli, Sonia Lalli, Angie Dhami ) is a great step towards better health. Our patient-care approach complements your visits to your family doctor, massage therapist, acupuncturist and other members of your health team, With sufficient information on your health status, we may recommend a supportive therapy or discuss an alternative one. To this end we offer a personal assessment, at no charge, to help you take care.


Q : I have some out-of-date over the counter medicine. Can I throw them out or flush them down the toilet?

A : No. It doesn’t matter whether the pills are OTC or prescription, please bring them in to our Yates Street Road location for proper disposal.

Q : Should I have a flu shot? I’m a healthy 68 year old female and I don’t get out much. My family thinks I’m in the at-risk age. Is that true?

A : You are in the at risk group and you should get a flu shot. You may be in good health today but, should your immune system be weakened by some other condition, you could become susceptible to the flu.

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