Foot and Hand Treatments

LalliCare Day Spa offers soothing foot and hand treatments that include soaking your feet and hands in essential oil scented water, exfoliating dead skin cells and massaging sore muscles.

Your soothing foot and hand treatment begins when you sit back in a comfortable chair and a heated pillow is placed gently on your neck and shoulders.

Your feet are soaked in warm, soothing water, then energized with a scented exfoliant scrub that refreshes your skin.  Tired and sore muscles are massaged up to the knees and an organic lotion is applied.

Your hands are up next and receive the same wonderful treatment.  A warm soak, an exfoliation, then a massage to the elbow to sooth sore fingers, hands, wrists and forearm muscles. An organic lotion seals the treatment.

(45 minutes)

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