The gentle way to relieve sore throat
TonsilSore throat often accompanies a cold or flu-like infection.

You know the typical signs all too well: burning, scratchy or dry throat and difficulty swallowing. A dry mucous lining of the pharynx (throat) is usually responsible for these symptoms. Cold weather, dry indoor climate, draughts, cigarette smoke and overstraining of the voice may facilitate the development of sore throat.

A very sore throat may be a sign of tonsillitis (inflammation of the tonsils). Tonsillitis is an illness in which the tonsils are inflamed (sore and swollen).

The lymphatic tissue of the pharynx, the palatine tonsil and the lingual tonsil are organs of what is called the lymphatic system.

These are very important because they are the first line of defence in the oral cavity – the main port of entry for most pathogens. Frequently recurring tonsillitis may be a sign that these organs are being overloaded.

Boosting the lymphatic system* may be helpful in this situation. TONSILLOPAS® may help provide rapid, acute relief of sore throat.

*The lymphatic system has in important role in combatting pathogens. Painful and swollen lymph nodes are a noticeable sign that the lymphatic system is active and needs support.



  • Gargle with chamomile, thyme or sage tea
  • Gently rub LYMPHDIARAL® Drainage-Cream on the throat
  • Take LYMPHDIARAL® Drops orally as needed

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