The condition of our bones is affected by many factors including hormones, acid-base balance, blood mineral concentrations, diet and exercise. At some point around mid-life, total bone mass starts to decrease by about 1% each year because the amount of bone substance that is broken down begins to exceed the amount of newly formed bone substance.

Acids have a strong negative impact on the body’s ability to build bone and accelerate bone loss – providing the body with the alkaline substances it requires to buffer those acids.


  • Very important: Eat an alkaline-rich diet including lots of vegetables and low amounts of meat and dairy. Avoid ready meals; these typically contain phosphate which lowers the calcium content of the body.
  • Avoid high alcohol consumption.
  • Aim for your normal weight.
  • Get plenty of exercise: exercise maintains bone mass.
  • Supplement with BASENTABS pH-balance PASCOE®, which provides mineral alkaline salts with zinc to help balance acids and support bone health.


  • Antacid containing alkaline salts. Helps in the
    development and maintenance of bones.

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