Allergy – lessening exaggerated reactions
The term allergy literally means ‘react differently’.

AllergAllergies may develop, disappear or change in the course of our lives. Allergies are caused by an immune system malfunction.

Most of the immune system is located in the gut. Therefore, many naturopathic doctors recommend supporting the good bacteria in our gut as a basic intervention for the management of allergies – especially after prior treatment with antibiotics. Other interventions may be used to boost the immune system. Also, stress may weaken the immune system as well as directly affect the gut, standing in the way of improvement.

Food sensitivities, hay fever and skin allergies all develop in a similar way.

Homeopathic medicinal products such as PASCALLERG® may help combat hay fever and relieve symptoms such as itchy nose, itchy eyes or rhinitis, as well as help with other types of allergies. The usual aim is to stimulate the body’s own regulation mechanisms, thus targeting the root cause, rather than just providing symptomatic relief.

Please discuss with your healthcare practitioner whether de-sensitisation therapy prior to allergen exposure may be an option for you.

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