Hypnosis tries to change subconscious beliefs and attitudes that may be getting in the way of your efforts to quit smoking.


Some people have had success using hypnosis to help them quit smoking. Can it help you?
Often hypnosis includes relaxation methods, meditation, rewards, and counseling. There are different approaches to hypnosis. For example:

  • Making direct suggestions to smokers to change their perceptions about addictive behavior
  • Hypnoaversion – using hypnosis to instill an aversion to addictive behavior
  • Hypnotherapy – using hypnosis with psychotherapy and teaching self hypnosis

For hypnosis to be successful, you must be motivated to quit smoking. Without this motivation, hypnosis won't work. Although controversial, results with hypnosis alone appear to be modest. However, the probability of success can be increased if you combine hypnosis with other quitting methods.
Hypnosis for smoking cessation can be done in private sessions, or in a group session.

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