Whether quitting smoking, alcohol, illicit drugs or other substances, acupuncture can effectively reduce or eliminate cravings while revitalizing the body's major organs, helping to heal long-term damage caused by substance abuse.   

The treatment of addictions using acupuncture is relatively new, dating back only 3 decades. Developed in 1974 at New York City’s Lincoln Hospital in the south Bronx, “Acupuncture Detox” is now used in over 1100 addiction treatment programs across North America. Its efficacy in decreasing cravings and withdrawal symptoms from alcohol, nicotine, opiates and cocaine is well supported by clinical studies.

At our Care Clinic, Acudetox is rarely used as an isolated treatment modality, but rather is integrated into a more comprehensive addiction wellness program. Acudetox is based on a simple protocol that generates profound effects, using approximately 5 disposable needles that are inserted into the external ear and or the arms and legs. Treatments usually last from 30 to 45 minutes and are recommended 2 to 3 times weekly. While the reduction of alcohol and drug cravings is often seen after only one treatment, ongoing treatment will increase the benefits and relief of symptoms. Consistent and frequent treatment is necessary for long-term success, especially in the first month or so of treatment.Ear Skeleton

Ear acupuncture (known as auriculotherapy) is particularly useful because, just as in foot reflexology, the entire body is mapped on the ear. For example, on the ear there are individual points that correspond to the colon and the spleen, which means the physiology of these organs can be affected by stimulating these points. In the Acudetox protocol, the lungs, liver and kidneys are stimulated because these organs are usually the most heavily damaged by addictions. Additionally, these organs are major detoxification organs. The sooner they can clear the body of drug residue, the shorter the withdrawal period from any given substance will be.

In addition to the standard protocol of ear points, in Acudetox the practitioner can vary the point selection from one session to the next depending on the client’s needs.  With this flexibility, withdrawal symptoms can be reduced by treating them as they appear, before they have a chance to manifest into a major concern.  The ability to cope with withdrawal symptoms is crucial to the success of any addiction program. Considering acupuncture’s ability to strengthen damaged organs, shorten the withdrawal period and reduce withdrawal symptoms, it is little wonder why Acupuncture Detox is so extremely effective.

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