Product Description

Homeopathic remedy.

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Natural Product Number (Licence)

DIN-HM: 80013093

Medicinal ingredients

100 g (= 107 ml) contains:
Avena sativa Ø 20g
Atropa belladonna 4X 16g
Equisetum hyemale 1X 16g
Lycopodium 6X 16g
Pulsatilla 4X 16g
Hyoscyamus niger 4X 8g
Hyoscyamus niger 12X 8g
Contains 50% vol. alcohol.

Dosage and administration

Adults, children ≥ 12 years (acute): 10-15 drops up to 6 times daily; (chronic): 10-15 drops 1-3 times daily. Children 6-11 years (acute): 7-13 drops up to 6 times daily; (chronic): 10-13 drops 1-3 times daily. Children 1-5 years (acute): 5-10 drops up to 6 times daily; (chronic): 8-10 drops 1-3 times daily. Children < 1 year (acute): 3-7 drops up to 6 times daily; (chronic): 5-7 drops 1-3 times daily. The drops should be taken diluted in some water.


Consult a health care practitioner before use during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Side effects/Interactions

None known.

How supplied

Drop: 50 ml