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Sukhi-no-background-200Sukhi Lalli, B.Sc.(Pharm) R.Ph.

Sukhi graduated from The University of British Columbia Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences in 1975. His first career position was as the Director of Pharmacy at the Priory Hospital in Victoria, B.C.

Throughout his career, Sukhi has been involved in many committees and projects to help shape pharmacy practice. He has been a councillor with the College of Pharmacists of B.C. and was a continuing education coordinator for Victoria from 1980 – 2007. He was also a clinical instructor for the UBC Pharmacy for 15 years.

In 1996, Sukhi opened his own independent pharmacy practice, Sukhi Lalli Pharmacist, which focuses on personalized patient care.In 2000, Sukhi was awarded the Pharmacy Practice “My Favourite Pharmacist” award, and is recognized in the field of pharmacy for innovations in community practice.Sukhi’s unique approach to client care has earned him a reputation of compassion, knowledge and problem solving. The respect he has gained from customers, physicians, and fellow pharmacists has been the result of years of dedication to overall client wellness.

Sonia-2001Sonia Lalli, B.Sc.(Pharm) R.Ph. ACPR

Sonia has experience in many facets of pharmacy. She completed an Accredited Canadian Pharmacy Residency at the Royal Columbian Hospital in New Westminster with the top clinical exam mark in B.C.She has also worked briefly in different regional community pharmacies.Sonia’s compassion and interest in her clients’ health needs sets her apart along with her on going client health monitoring.Sonia also shares her knowledge about health and the pharmacy world as a popular speaker at local community group meetings and events. Community groups especially enjoy her informative presentation titled: You and Your Pharmacist.


Angie graduated from the University of British Columbia Pharmaceutical Sciences program in 2005. She also completed UBC’s postgraduate Community Pharmacy Residency Program which enabled her to witness and practice pharmacy care in innovative settings.Previous experience with long-term care and nursing homes has given Angie insights into the medication needs of the elderly.Angie’s practice approach is a holistic and integrative method that recognizes the potential of various modes of treatment and she seeks ways to educate and incorporate these modes into the world of pharmacy.Angie is based at our 890 Esquimalt Road pharmacy.


Our Pharmacy Assistants are knowledgeable, friendly and resourceful. As the centre of the pharmacy, Cindy, Harpreet and Neelam carry out many responsibilities beyond filling prescriptions in the most efficient and accurate way.

You’ll know you’re in the right place from the moment they greet you.  They pride themselves on finding answers to tough questions, tracking down hard to find health products and supplies, and making your day easier.

Our team receives your telephone enquiries, arranges for prescription deliveries, takes special orders, prepares customized blister packs medications, and maintains our smooth running dispensary.

scription, please bring them in to our Yates Street or Esquimalt Road location for proper disposal.

Q. Should I have a flu shot? I’m a healthy 68 year old female and I don’t get out much. My family thinks I’m in the “at-risk” age. Is that true?

A.  You are in the at risk group and you should get a flu shot. You may be in good health today but, should your immune system be weakened by some other condition, you could become susceptible to the flu.

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