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Medications have serious, harmful effects on the environment.  Safe drug disposal means reducing the hazards of unused medications in your home, as well as keeping our environment healthy.
LalliCare Pharmacy is proud to participate in the BC Medications Return Program.  Follow the directions below and bring us your old and expired medications rather than throwing them in the garbage, flushing them down the toilet, or leaving them in a cupboard where small children could access them accidentally.

Check your fridge, cupboards, bathroom drawers and medicine cabinet for the following:

  • 1: All medicines (prescription and non-prescription, including vitamins) that are past their expiry dates. Medicine can deteriorate over time.
  • 2: Medications missing their labels
  • 3: Liquid medication that is more than two years old
  • 4: Tablets or capsules that are more than three years old
  • 5: Any medicine in questionable condition
  • 6: Excess quantities of medications that cannot be used within one year
  • 7: Prescription medicines that are not currently being used
  • 8: Medicines (prescription and non-prescription) whose purpose are uncertain
  • 9: Medicines with incomplete or missing labels

Bring your expired, unlabeled, excess and unused drugs to LalliCare Pharmacy at 1139 Yates Street or 890 Esquimalt Road for safe disposal. Mother Nature will thank you.

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