Massage Can Give You a ‘Runner’s High’

The human body is equipped with a wonderful brain chemical called endorphins which, when triggered, send electric signals within your nervous system and create feelings of euphoria.
You may have heard about long distance runners who push themselves at high intensity over the finish line and then kick back in a euphoric high for hours or even days after a race.

It turns out that you don’t have to be an elite athlete to feel the effects of the ‘runner’s high’ as an antidote to stress or pain. Research has shown that you can feel a low level release of endorphins after savouring chocolate or even after a hearty round of belly laughter. Studies have also shown that the level of activity that triggers one person’s endorphins may not trigger another person – for example, I may need to eat a lot more chocolate than you for my endorphins to be released.

Research studies also point to acupuncture and massage as sources for the release of endorphins. A 1989 Norwegian study of massage volunteers reported a scientifically measurable release of endorphins among subjects and researchers concluded that this was due at least in part to “…pain relief and (the) feeling of warmth and well being associated with the treatment.”

Another great reason to consider massage and acupuncture.