Five Post-Massage Tips

Many people hop off the massage table and leave their massage behind them when they leave the clinic.

Young woman lying on massage table at spa, eyes closed

Young woman lying on massage table at spa, eyes closed

Here are five tips to help you benefit more from your massage and address any post-massage soreness.  (You may experience some soreness if you have not had a massage in a long time or ever before.)

1.    Rest.  Try to schedule some downtime after your massage so that your body can take in the full benefit of this opportunity to de-stress, relax and heal.

2.    Drink plenty of water over the next two days (up to 64 ounces a day.)  Massage helps to release toxins in your system and drinking water will help move toxins through the kidneys and out of your body.  (Try to limit alcohol so that you don’t dehydrate your body.)

3.  Take a warm bath (not hot) to sooth your muscles.  Add Epsom salts to your bath if you have them on hand as this helps draw out body toxins.

4.    Let your emotions out.  Massage can bring pent up emotions to the surface.  Try not to suppress these feelings – let them out – in a safe environment.

5.    Book another massage.  More frequent visits will help with your aches, pains and help manage stress.  You also will find that post-massage soreness will go away as your body gets used to this “passive exercise.”  (Always be sure to let your practitioner know if your soreness lasts longer than 48 hours or if the massage pressure is too uncomfortable.)

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