Disease Managementdisease management

LalliCare Pharmacists understand that a coordinated, integrated and professional management approach to health care can significantly improve the quality of life for those with chronic diseases.

We share our knowledge and resources to help give you the support and tools you need and operate under the umbrella of the LalliCare Clinic with access to a team of health care practitioners including a registered massage therapist, Feldenkrais and craniosacral therapy practitioner, registered acupuncturist, neurofeedback trainer, nutritionist and counsellor.  If relief from stress is what you need most, we also have access to a host of stress relieving treatments through LalliCare Day Spa.

Our pharmacists also offer Medication Reviews to ensure that you are benefiting from your prescription, over the counter, and supplement regimen.  Click here for more information on our Medication Review service; if you are currently taking five or more prescription medications and covered by the British Columbia Medical Service Plan, the Medication Review fee may be paid for by MSP.

Stop by our 1139 Yates Street pharmacy or 890 Esquimalt Road pharmacy today.

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