Lilly's Anti-clotting Drug Excess Bleeding Detected, But More Effective In Preventing Heart Attacks Than Plavix (Nov. 4, 2007,
Onions Cut Heart Heart Disease Risk (Nov. 3, 2007, BBC).

Angina - General Info

Angina is pain and discomfort in the chest felt when the heart does not receive enough blood. This is usually due to narrowing of the arteries, brought on by cholesterol and arthersclerosis.

Blood Marker Raises Stroke Risk in Healthy Men

A study provides more evidence that high levels of C-reactive protein can spell trouble.

Fish Oils Can Stop Dangerous Heart Rhythms: Experts

Eating oily fish like salmon, tuna or bluefish at least twice a week can prevent sudden cardiac death because fatty acids in the fish block dangerous irregular heart rhythms, experts say in a review article in Circulation: Journal of the American Heart Association.

Heart Disease: General Info

Heart Disease: Gum and Heart Disease Possibly Linked

Heart Disease: How Heart Smart Are You?

Heart Disease: The Inflammation Link

Heart-Stopping News on Exercise - It Reduces Inflammation Too

More evidence suggest that your heart quite enjoys the odd dram

Diets low in saturated fats are safe for children.

Quick Study: Heart Disease 2

The immediate use of statins after heart attack reduces chance of stroke

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