Bipolar -- Causes

Though definately a genetically influenced disease, researchers have begun to learn a lot about some other possible causes.

Bipolar -- Symptoms and Diagnosis

Recognition of the various mood states is essential so that the person who has manic-depressive illness can obtain effective treatment and avoid the harmful consequences of the disease (destruction of personal relationships, loss of employment, and suicide).

Bipolar -- Treatment

Most people with manic-depressive illness can be helped with treatment. Almost all people (even those with the most severe forms) can obtain stabilisation of their mood swings. Because manic-depressive illness is usually long term illness, and symptoms often relpase, long-term preventive treatment is highly recommended.

Bipolar -- What is it?

An introduction to this devestating form of depression and how it can be treated.

Bipolar Mood Chart

By learning more about bipolar disorder, you and your family will be able to manage your illness more successfully. If you know how to identify the early warning signs, such as unusually high energy levels, sleeplessness or recurring depression, you can get help faster. You can also help to keep yourself well by understanding how aspects of daily life such as sleep patterns and stressful situations can affect your mood.

The Role of Family and Friends

Like other serious illnesses, bipolar disorder is hard on spouses, family members, friends, and employers. Family members of people with bipolar disorder often have to cope with serious behavioural problems (such as wild spending sprees) and the lasting consequences of these behaviours. If symptoms cause an individual to become aggressive, or unable to fulfil their responsibilities, family members may well become angry with the individual.


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