The articles immediately below are excerpted from the September issue of for your health a monthly newsletter published by Sukhi Lalli Pharmaceutical Care Clinic:

Downtown Action Plan? Safe injection site supporter and former VARCS board member Rick Barnes questions whether Mayor Lowe and his council have abandoned their "Downtown Action Plan".

Acupuncture Detox. Our addiction wellness plan utilizes acupuncture as an effective means of reducing cravings and bringing the body back to health. Learn how this method works in this article by registered acupuncturist Todd Howard and newsletter editor Chris Zylstra.

addictionAddiction – What is it? 

Addiction by definition affects individuals in an incredibly negative way. Learning just what addiction is however can be the first step in recognizing and successfully treating the condition.

Alcohol Use

Information about this potentially addictive substance that has been both a source of healing and harm for thousands of years.

Canadian Addiction Support Groups/ Foundations

You need support and information if you are confronting any addiction or substance misuse problems in your family. The following organizations can supply both.

Is Your Child Using Drugs?

A question that sometimes some parents would rather not even confront. However, a walk through the "red zone" here in Victoria will show you the results of such "ignorance". Things aren't like they were when you were a kid and some basic knowledge will help you know whether your child is dabbling in this potentially fatal lifestyle.

Prevalence of substance use in adolescents

Quick Study: Alcoholism

The drug ondansetron may help treat early-onset alcoholism.

drugsRaising Drug-Free Kids

There isn't much use researching what the largest deterrent to your kid's using drugs is. Study after study and plain common sense tells us that it's you. Just like the ad says "Parents: the Anti-Drug". Fine, you accept the challange, but what exactly is a parent to do? Read on…..

Substance Abuse Recovery and Nutrition

Substance abuse wreaks havoc in your body in many ways. Directly it can make the absorption of nutrients much more difficult for your body, while indirectly substance abusers may neglect to consume nutrients in sufficient levels. Regardless there are specific nutritional treatments for each class of substance that has been abused; the following article explains and lists many of these, and discusses how to treat the debilitating psychological effects that inevitabely occur.

Methadone as Treatment for Heroin Addiction

Methadone is a non-addicting, safe replacement for heroin that is taken orally and keeps addicts from going into withdrawal and allows them to lead normal lives.

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