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Support Groups and Forums:

Florida Knee and Orthopedics Message Board - Another highly-visited message board where you can share your stories and get advice.
Knee1.comAn information resource as well as a place to communicate with other knee patients.

ACL Reconstruction Journals

Ron McClellan's ACL Surgery - Read Ron's in-depth and humorous account of his ACL surgery.
Martha Cepeda's ACL Diary Martha tore her ACL skiing.

Topic-Specific Articles and Studies

Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injuries in Female Athletes: Why Are Women More Susceptible?- Very interesting article that is of interest to women with ACL injuries. This article makes a lot of sense!
Link Found Between Menstrual Cycle And Knee InjuriesAnother reason why women have more problems with their knees than men.

Physical Therapy:

Timing, Effort Keys To Recovery From Common Knee Surgery A study at Ohio State University tells us why we have to wait for a good range of motion to come back before surgery, and why getting range of motion back quickly after surgery is necessary. If your surgeon suggests keeping you immobilized for a week after surgery, this is a great article to show him.

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