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Sukhi graduated from The University Of British Columbia Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences in 1975. His first position held was as the Director of Pharmacy at the Priory Hospital in Victoria, B.C. Throughout his career, Sukhi has been involved in many committees and opportunities to help shape pharmacy practice. He has been a councillor with the College of Pharmacists of B.C., a continuing education coordinator for Victoria since 1980. He has been a clinical instructor for UBC pharmacy for the past 15 years. In 1996, Sukhi opened his own independent pharmacy practice, Sukhi Lalli Pharmacist, which focuses on personalized patient care. In 2000, Sukhi won the Pharmacy Practice “My Favourite Pharmacist” award, and is recognized in the field of pharmacy for innovations in community practice.

Sukhi's unique approach to client care has created a reputation of compassion, knowledge and problem solving. The respect he has gained by customers, physicians, and fellow pharmacists has been the well-earned result of years of dedication to overall client wellness. Sukhi’s Pharmaceutical Care Clinic recognizes individual patient needs which has evolved into a team-based approach including a dietitian and a clinical registered counsellor, as well as a website for patient and health care professional information resourcing.

Sonia Lalli, B.Sc.(Pharm)R.Ph. ACPRSonia Lalli (2)

Sonia has experience in many facets of pharmacy. She completed an Accredited Canadian Pharmacy Residency at the Royal Columbian Hospital in New Westminster with the top clinical exam mark in B.C. She has also worked briefly in different regional community pharmacies. Sonia’s compassion and interest in clients health needs sets her apart and allows her to utilize her knowledge for education, monitoring, and managing health conditions.

Nathan Lalli, RMTnathan_pharmacy_web

Nathan Lalli trained in Massage Therapy at West Coast College of Massage Therapy, Victoria campus, graduating as class representative and Valedictorian. After completing the western medicine model Massage Therapy he continued to pursue knowledge and experiences to further assist in the healing of others. A natural ability and passion led him to further his repertoire in such Osteopathic techniques as Craniosacral Therapy, Ligamentous Articular Strain and Functional Technique.

A search to further understand the interaction of mind-body-spirit has recently immersed Nathan in the work of Moshe Feldenkrais, the creator the Feldenkrais Method®. In his approach Nathan attempts to remove the concept of “doing” to the human system. With a strong belief in the self-corrective capacity of the body, he facilitates “getting out of the way,” of this capacity. Habit, trauma, or repetitive movements teach us to move and continue to move in dysfunctional (much of the time painful) patterns. Gently releasing dysfunctional patterns and assisting the creation of new (or forgotten), easier patterns, creating a space to allow the natural healing forces of the human organism to reassert itself.

Currently training in the Feldenkrais Method of Somatic Eduacation®™ Nathan continues to grow and deepen his approach to body therapy.

Jessie Eckert and Cindy Bendalljescin 685

Our Pharmacy Technicians are knowledgeable and resourceful, as well as friendly. As the centre of the pharmacy, Cindy and Jessie carry many responsibilities above and beyond filling prescriptions in an efficient, accurate manner. Their aptitude is apparent from the moment they greet each person, to responding to any questions that may arise regarding that individual’s purpose for being in the pharmacy. It extends to taking special orders, blister packing medications, responding to phone calls, ensuring accurate deliveries, and maintaining a smooth running dispensary in general. They are the pulse of Sukhi Lalli Pharmacist

Anne Vardyanne-profilepic

Anne is a Registered Acupuncturist and experienced Spa Therapist. She began her studies of Traditional Chinese Medicine here in Victoria and continued with a hospital internship in China. She has been practicing Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine for 8 years, after completing 4 years of study. Before joining the Lalli Care Clinic Anne had her own practice in the Yukon and in Victoria. Anne has also worked as an instructor and clinical supervisor at Oshio College of Acupuncture and Herbology.

Anne believes there are many aspects of our environment and lifestyle influencing the state of our health. She finds acupuncture an incredibly effective tool to balance the demands of our busy lives on the human body. By utilizing the theories behind acupuncture Anne is able to treat the entire physical body, emotional state and overall well being. Anne is dedicated to finding factors contributing to her client's health issues, treating them and preventing relapse in order to improve your lifestyle.

Krisaundra WeeningkRIS_PHARMACY

To provide an optimum level of administrative and communication services to both internal and external customers.
The Co-ordinator of Patient Support Services, Krisaundra uses her communication skills to contribute to the effectiveness of all the programs, like our Counsellor, Dietitian, Client Compliance Programs, and Website offered within the Pharmacy. She strives to create an environment that develops and maintains a high level of customer delight for the benefit of both the clients and staff on a daily basis. Krisaundra’s multi-faceted background as a pharmacy technician, counsellor, customer service representative, and salesperson give her a unique perspective in promoting the growth of your Health Team and our clients in a Pharmaceutical Care Clinic. Her 15 year background in counselling, mediation, and conflict resolution allow her to support clients in crisis in an over-the-counter approach to immediate intervention, after which she then directs clients to an appropriate resource for their on-going care.

As an added service of Sukhi Lalli Pharmacist, Krisaundra provides seamless administration services to internal and external customers. Krisaundra bills third party coverage carriers to ease the paperwork burden for clients. After a short initial interview to gather all necessary information, she then takes care of holding onto your receipts and billing them out to the appropriate companies on a regular basis. This means the patient no longer has to keep track of forms, pharmacy receipts, or general billing information. Krisaundra will also assist in trouble shooting if necessary with any questions that may arise. All that is required is checking in when necessary to sign any paperwork, which is usually only a few times each year. These services are just another feature of the Pharmaceutical Care Clinic.

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