Anne began her studies at the University of Victoria, with a focus on Human physiology and anatomy. While there she was able to experience acupuncture to help with her own health. Her own fascination with traditional Chinese medicine and experience with acupuncture led her down a new path in health care. She began her study of traditional Chinese medicine here in Victoria and continued with internships in Calgary and in China.

After 4 years of study Anne started a busy practice in the Yukon in 2001. A few years later she returned to Victoria where she initially worked as an instructor and clinical supervisor at Oshio College of Acupuncture and Herbology. Anne joined the Lalli Care Clinic as their Registered Acupuncturist in 2007. Here she enjoys working with a wonderful team of health care professionals.

While Anne works with many type of injuries and health issues she has a special interest in the effects of chronic stress on our bodies. She often finds clients physical pain, digestive problems, insomnia and other illness are impacted by emotional stresses on the body.

In her free time you may see Anne running along Dallas road, organizing the cupcake walk at her daughter’s school or chasing her son around the park.


It took me a little while to finally try acupuncture, but once I did, I was amazed with the results. I immediately felt a difference, not only in the health problems I was experiencing at the time but my overall feeling of wellness. Now I like to get regular treatments to keep in top notch shape and optimal health!


I have been seeing Anne for acupuncture for about 10 years now. When I first started seeing her I felt and looked old. I was suffering terrible arthritis pain and exhausted all the time. Anne recommended a course of treatment and suggested some simple changes to my diet and lifestyle. I noticed a difference in my pain level right away. Every treatment I had the results were more noticeable an...


As an athlete I have sustained numerous injuries and have found acupuncture to be very helpful in recovery. I now use acupuncture regularly during my training season to decrease stiffness and inflammation. I have not had problems with injuries yet this year and am sure by following Anne's advice I will stay that way.


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